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PDFWAC 208-660-300

Loan originatorsGeneral.

(1) May I work as a loan originator for more than one mortgage broker? Yes.
(2) How do I obtain approval to work for more than one mortgage broker? Using the NMLS, the company will submit a sponsorship request. The department will notify you and others associated with your license upon approval of your request. The NMLS will charge a fee for the additional relationship. See also WAC 208-660-550.
(3) If I work as a loan originator for more than one mortgage broker, may I take an application from a borrower without identifying one specific mortgage broker? No. You may take an application for only one mortgage broker at a time in any one transaction. Prior to presenting yourself to a specific borrower as licensed to originate mortgage loans, you must state who you represent. You must clearly identify the mortgage broker by name and address on the application, on all disclosures, authorization forms, and other material provided to the borrower. There must be no confusion by the borrower as to which mortgage broker you are representing at any given time.
(4) May I work from any location when I am a licensed loan originator? No. You can only work from a licensed location unless you conduct activity under the act from your residence pursuant to WAC 208-660-505.
(5) May a loan originator transfer loan files to a mortgage broker other than the mortgage broker the loan originator is associated with? No. Only the borrower may submit a written request to the licensed mortgage broker to transmit the borrower's selected information to another mortgage broker or lender. The licensed mortgage broker must transmit the information within five business days after receiving the borrower's written request.
(6) Who owns loan files? Loan files are the property of the mortgage broker named on the loan application and the mortgage broker must keep the original files and documents.
(7) May I act as a loan originator and a real estate agent or with someone in the same real estate agency in the same transaction or for the same borrower in different transactions? Yes, for required disclosure language see RCW 19.146.0201(14).
(8) As a loan originator, may I be paid directly by the borrower for my services? No. As a loan originator, you may not be paid any compensation or fees directly by the borrower.
(9) May a loan originator charge the borrower a fee, commission, or other compensation for preparing, negotiating, or brokering a loan for the borrower? No. A loan originator may not charge the borrower a fee, commission, or compensation of any kind in connection with the preparation, negotiation, and brokering of a residential mortgage loan.
(10) May a loan originator bring a lawsuit against a borrower for the collection of compensation? No. Only licensed mortgage brokers, or exempt mortgage brokers, may bring collection actions against borrowers to collect compensation.
(11) May I work as a licensed loan originator for a mortgage broker located out of the state? Yes. You may originate loans for any mortgage broker who sponsors you and who is licensed under Washington law.
(12) May a licensed loan originator hire employees or independent contractors to assist in the mortgage broker licensee's activities? No. Only the mortgage broker licensee can have employees or independent contractors. This prohibition against loan originators hiring employees or independent contractors includes clerical or administrative personnel whose work is related to the mortgage broker licensee's activities, and loan processors.
(13) Do loan processors have to be licensed as loan originators? W-2 employee loan processors are not required to have a loan originator license provided they work under the supervision and instruction of a licensed mortgage loan originator (including the designated broker) and do not hold themselves out as able to conduct the activities of a licensed mortgage broker or loan originator. Independent contractor loan processing companies must be licensed as a mortgage broker, have a designated broker, and have at least one licensed mortgage loan originator (who can be the designated broker). The W-2 employee loan processors are not then required to be licensed mortgage loan originators. Individual independent contractor loan processors must be licensed as mortgage loan originators, be sponsored by a licensed mortgage broker, and be supervised by that licensee's licensed mortgage loan originator (including the designated broker).
(14) May loan processors work on files from an unlicensed location? A loan processor may work on loan files from an unlicensed location under the following circumstances:
(a) The loan files are in electronic format and the loan processor accesses the files directly from the licensed mortgage broker's main computer system. The loan processor may not maintain any electronic files on any computer system other than the system belonging to the licensed mortgage broker.
(b) The loan processor does not conduct any of the activities of a licensed loan originator.
(c) The licensed mortgage broker must have safeguards in place for the computer system that safeguards borrower information.
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