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PDFWAC 182-553-500

Home infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition programCoverage, services, limitations, prior authorization, and reimbursement.

(1) The home infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition program covers the following for eligible clients, subject to the limitations and restrictions listed:
(a) A one-month supply of home infusion, per client, per calendar month.
(b) A one-month supply of parenteral nutrition solution, per client, per calendar month.
(c) One type of infusion pump, one type of parenteral pump, and one type of insulin pump per client, per calendar month and as follows:
(i) All rent-to-purchase infusion, parenteral, and insulin pumps must be new equipment at the beginning of the rental period.
(ii) The agency covers the rental payment for each type of infusion, parenteral, or insulin pump for up to twelve months. The agency considers a pump purchased after twelve months of rental payments.
(iii) The agency covers only one purchased infusion pump or parenteral pump per client in a five-year period.
(iv) The agency covers only one purchased insulin pump per client in a four-year period.
(2) Covered supplies and equipment that are within the described limitations listed in subsection (1) of this section do not require prior authorization for reimbursement.
(3) The agency pays for FDA-approved continuous glucose monitoring systems and related monitoring equipment and supplies using the expedited prior authorization process when the client meets the following criteria:
(a) Is age eighteen and younger;
(b) Is age nineteen and older with Type 1 diabetes;
(c) Is age nineteen and older with Type 2 diabetes who is:
(i) Unable to achieve target HbA1C despite adherence to an appropriate glycemic management plan after six months of intensive insulin therapy and testing blood glucose four or more times per day;
(ii) Suffering from one or more severe episodes of hypoglycemia despite adherence to an appropriate glycemic management plan; or
(iii) Unable to recognize, or communicate about, symptoms of hypoglycemia.
(d) Is pregnant with:
(i) Type 1 diabetes; or
(ii) Type 2 diabetes and on insulin prior to pregnancy;
(iii) Type 2 diabetes and whose blood glucose does not remain well controlled on diet or oral medication during pregnancy and requires insulin; or
(iv) Gestational diabetes with blood glucose that is not well controlled (HbA1C above target or experiencing episodes of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia) and requires insulin.
(4) Requests for supplies or equipment that exceed the limitations or restrictions listed in this section require prior authorization and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis under WAC 182-501-0165 and 182-501-0169.
(5) The agency may adopt policies, procedure codes, and rates inconsistent with those set by medicare.
(6) Agency reimbursement for equipment rentals and purchases includes the following:
(a) Instructions to a client, a caregiver, or both, on the safe and proper use of equipment provided;
(b) Full service warranty;
(c) Delivery and pickup; and
(d) Setup, fitting, and adjustments.
(7) For clients residing in a state-owned facility (i.e., state school, developmental disabilities facility, mental health facility, Western State Hospital, and Eastern State Hospital) payment for home infusion supplies, equipment, and parenteral nutrition solutions are the responsibility of the state-owned facility to provide.
(8) For clients who are eligible for and have elected to receive the agency's hospice benefit, the agency pays for home infusion or parenteral nutrition supplies and equipment separately from the hospice per diem rate when:
(a) The client has a preexisting diagnosis that requires parenteral support; and
(b) The preexisting diagnosis is not related to the diagnosis that qualifies the client for hospice.
(9) For clients residing in a nursing facility, infusion pumps, parenteral nutrition pumps, insulin pumps, solutions, and insulin infusion supplies are not included in the nursing facility per diem rate. The agency pays for these items separately.
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