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WAC 181-85-200

In-service education approval standards.

In-service education programs provided by approved in-service education agencies shall meet the following program standards:
(1) The objectives of the in-service program—i.e., intended outcomes—shall be written for each in-service education program.
(2) The content of the in-service education program shall be set forth in a program agenda which shall specify the topics to be covered, the days and times of each presentation, and the names and short description of qualifications of each instructor—e.g., degrees and current professional position.
(3) All in-service education instructors shall have academic and/or professional experience which specifically qualifies them to conduct the in-service education program—e.g., a person with expertise in a particular subject, field, or occupation.
(4) Program materials, including the program agenda, prepared, designed, or selected for the in-service education program shall be available to all attendees.
(5) Activities must relate to opportunities for participants to collect and analyze evidence related to student learning; professional certificate standards; school and district improvement efforts; K-12 frameworks and curriculum alignment; research-based instructional strategies and assessment practices; content of current or anticipated assignment; advocacy for students and leadership, supervision, mentoring/coaching; and/or building a collaborative learning community.
(6) The in-service education program shall be evaluated by the participants to determine:
(a) The extent to which the written objectives have been met;
(b) Participant perception of relevance and quality of the offering;
(c) The extent to which activities identified in subsection (5) of this section, addressed by the in-service program, have been met; and
(d) Suggestions for improving the in-service education program if repeated.
(7) The in-service education agency shall compile the evaluations required in subsection (6) of this section in summary form. Summary evaluation results for each in-service education agency offering shall be posted on the in-service education agency web site accessible to prospective participants and to office of superintendent of public instruction staff for review. Provided, That if the in-service education agency does not host a web site, summary evaluation results shall be included as part of the approval renewal process.
(8) The designated administrator of each in-service education program shall assess the value and success of such program and periodically report his or her findings to the governing or advisory board which authorized the in-service program.
(9) The standards for recordkeeping as provided in WAC 181-85-205 shall apply.
(10) The in-service education agency must permit a designated representative of the superintendent of public instruction to attend the in-service education program at no charge and permit such representative to receive a copy of the program materials required by subsection (4) of this section also at no charge.
(11) The in-service education agency must provide each registrant with appropriate forms for claiming continuing education credit hours.
(12) Note: The provisions of this section do not apply to credit hours awarded by a college or university or course work continuing education hours awarded by a vocational-technical college.
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