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PDFWAC 181-78A-231

Teacher, principal, career and technical education administrator, superintendent, and program administratorSpecific program approval domain standardCandidates and cohorts.

Candidates and cohorts. Providers of educator preparation programs recruit, select, support, and prepare diverse cohorts of candidates with potential to be outstanding educators.
(1) Providers conduct strategic and ongoing outreach to identify, recruit, admit, support, and transition promising educator candidates.
(a) Create, foster, and utilize effective partnerships to promote careers in teaching and educational leadership.
(b) Implement a targeted, data-informed outreach strategy that includes robust individualized enrollment support. 
(c) Establish and monitor attributes and dispositions beyond academic ability that candidates must demonstrate at admissions and during the program.
(d) Providers of teacher preparation programs develop and utilize candidate recruitment strategies that address state, district, and workforce shortage areas.
(e) Providers of career and technical education business and industry route programs establish and expand meaningful and effective recruitment and admissions partnerships with local school districts.
(2) Providers of educator preparation programs use strategies to recruit, admit, and prepare a greater number of candidates from underrepresented groups including, but not limited to, candidates of color in effort to prepare an educator workforce that mirrors the characteristics of the student population in Washington state public schools.
(a) Demonstrate strategic outreach that is highly accessible and responsive to local communities of color.
(b) Gather and use data to assess strategic outreach to improve responsiveness and effectiveness.
(c) Identify needs and provide supports for enrollment and success in educator preparation programs for local communities of color and candidates representing linguistic and ability diversity.
(3) Providers set, publish, and uphold program admission standards to ensure that all educator candidates and cohorts are academically capable and technically prepared to succeed in educator preparation programs.
(a) Articulate clear criteria and requirements for program entry requirements to applicants.
(b) Publish, and provide to applicants prior to admission, a list of program completion requirements under RCW 28A.410.270(5).
(c) Inform, advise, and support applicants on assessment requirements, timelines, occupational experience requirements, and other certification requirements.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28A.410 RCW. WSR 21-15-084, § 181-78A-231, filed 7/16/21, effective 8/16/21; WSR 21-08-023, § 181-78A-231, filed 3/29/21, effective 4/29/21. Statutory Authority: Chapters 28A.410 and 28A.413 RCW. WSR 19-15-144, § 181-78A-231, filed 7/24/19, effective 8/24/19.]
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