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Chapter 16-750 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF16-750-001State noxious weed listPurpose.
HTMLPDF16-750-004Noxious weed region descriptions.
HTMLPDF16-750-005State noxious weed listClass A noxious weeds.
HTMLPDF16-750-011State noxious weed listClass B noxious weeds.
HTMLPDF16-750-015State noxious weed listClass C noxious weeds.
HTMLPDF16-750-020Noxious weedsCivil infractionsSchedule of monetary penalties.
HTMLPDF16-750-022Noxious weed listListing process.
HTMLPDF16-750-025Plant monitor listPurpose.
HTMLPDF16-750-100State noxious weed control boardDescriptionPurpose.
HTMLPDF16-750-105State noxious weed control boardPowersDutiesResponsibilities.
HTMLPDF16-750-110State noxious weed control boardMission.
HTMLPDF16-750-115State noxious weed control boardMembership.
HTMLPDF16-750-120State noxious weed control boardNominationsElectionsTerms of officeVacancies.
HTMLPDF16-750-125State noxious weed control board position numbersEligibility for voting.
HTMLPDF16-750-130State noxious weed control boardOrganization.
HTMLPDF16-750-135State noxious weed control boardMeetings.
HTMLPDF16-750-137State noxious weed control boardConflict of interest.
HTMLPDF16-750-140State noxious weed control boardCommittees.
HTMLPDF16-750-142State noxious weed control boardExecutive secretary and education specialistHiring and dismissal.
HTMLPDF16-750-145State noxious weed control boardExecutive secretaryDefinition.
HTMLPDF16-750-146State noxious weed control boardEducation specialistDefinition.
HTMLPDF16-750-155State noxious weed control boardExchange time.
HTMLPDF16-750-160State noxious weed control boardAntidiscrimination clause.
HTMLPDF16-750-165State noxious weed control boardBudget and finances.
HTMLPDF16-750-170State noxious weed control boardLegal counsel.
HTMLPDF16-750-180State noxious weed control boardRules of order.
HTMLPDF16-750-185State noxious weed control boardAccess to public records and documents.
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