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PDFWAC 16-663-150

Reports and responsibilities of service agents and servicepersons.

(1) Any person installing a new or used weighing or measuring device that is being put in use for the first time at that location must provide a notice of installation to the department. The notice shall state the date placed in service, type of device, capacity, business' name and site address, and name and address of the service company installing the device. The report shall also indicate whether the device is new or used.
(2) After correcting a rejected device, registered service agents or servicepersons must return the reject report issued by the weights and measures official to the address indicated on the form within seven days from completion of work. All discrepancies noted on the department's rejection report must be corrected before returning the device to service. The form must be signed and dated by the registered serviceperson returning the device to service. The form must also legibly indicate his/her registration number and show the number or identifying mark of security seals that were removed and applied to affect the correction.
(3) A registered service agent or serviceperson will submit a copy of his/her test report showing the as-found and as-corrected readings with the reject report when putting a rejected device back into service.
(4) Commercially used weighing or measuring devices put into service or returned to service must be correct and meet all applicable specifications and requirements set forth in the edition of National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 currently adopted by the director. The device must also meet current (NTEP) requirements in effect for the device.
(5) Devices must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
(6) A device installed in a fixed location must be installed so that its operation or performance will not be adversely affected by any characteristic of the foundation, supports, or any other detail of the installation.
(7) Equipment must be installed in such a manner that all required markings are readily observable.
(8) A device must be installed so that it will be correct and it meets all performance requirements when associated or nonassociated equipment is operated in its usual and customary manner.
(9) Faulty installation conditions must be corrected, and any defective parts must be renewed or suitably repaired, before adjustments are made.
(10) When equipment is adjusted, the adjustment must be made so that performance errors are as close as practicable to zero value.
(11) Equipment put into service, repaired, adjusted, calibrated or refurbished must be sealed with an appropriate security seal and the seal number recorded on the inspection test report. Any security seal removed prior to servicing the device will be noted on the test report and will include the number or identifying mark of the security seal.
(12) Equipment must be assembled and installed so that it does not facilitate the perpetration of fraud.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.94.010, 19.94.190. WSR 00-22-072, ยง 16-663-150, filed 10/30/00, effective 11/30/00.]
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