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WAC 16-610-010

Livestock identification advisory board.

(1) The livestock identification advisory board is established in RCW 16.57.015 for the purpose of advising the director regarding:
(a) Livestock identification programs administered under chapter 16.57 RCW and these rules;
(b) Inspection fees; and
(c) Related licensing fees.
(2) The board is appointed by the director and is composed of six members representing beef producers, public livestock market operators, horse owners, dairy farmers, cattle feeders, and meat processors. The director is an ex officio member of the advisory board.
(3) The board must elect a member to serve as board chair. The board chair, or the chair's designee, is responsible for organizing and conducting board meetings.
(4) The board must meet with the director at least once a year to offer its advice. Additional meetings may be held at the request of the director or a majority of the board's membership.
(5) Livestock identification advisory board members must be residents of the state of Washington and actively engaged in the industry they represent.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 16.57, 16.58, 16.65 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 07-14-057, § 16-610-010, filed 6/28/07, effective 7/29/07; WSR 04-01-171, § 16-610-010, filed 12/23/03, effective 1/23/04.]
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