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Chapter 16-470 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF16-470-020QuarantineGypsy mothArea under order.
HTMLPDF16-470-030Quarantine/gypsy moth hosts and carriers.
HTMLPDF16-470-040Gypsy moth quarantine restrictionsInterior.
HTMLPDF16-470-050Gypsy moth quarantine restrictionsExterior.
HTMLPDF16-470-060Special permits.
HTMLPDF16-470-075QuarantineHornetArea under order.
HTMLPDF16-470-080Hornet quarantine restrictions.
HTMLPDF16-470-085Special permits.
HTMLPDF16-470-101Establishing quarantines for apple maggot and plum curculio.
HTMLPDF16-470-105Area under order for apple maggotPest free areaQuarantine areas.
HTMLPDF16-470-108Distribution of infested or damaged fruit is prohibited.
HTMLPDF16-470-111Commodities regulated for apple maggot.
HTMLPDF16-470-113Requirements to ship commodities regulated for apple maggot from a state under quarantine into the pest free area for apple maggot.
HTMLPDF16-470-115Requirements for shipment of regulated commodities from the quarantine area for apple maggot into the pest free area within Washington state.
HTMLPDF16-470-118Requirements within Washington state to ship fresh fruit into, within, or through the pest free area for apple maggot from an orchard or production site that is infested or threatened with infestation.
HTMLPDF16-470-122Requirements to ship regulated articles from Oregon, Idaho, or Utah into the pest free area for apple maggot.
HTMLPDF16-470-124Special permits for solid waste and organic waste transport and disposition.
HTMLPDF16-470-125Area under quarantine for plum curculioRegulated commodities.
HTMLPDF16-470-127Requirements to ship commodities regulated for plum curculio into Washington.
HTMLPDF16-470-130Special permits for fresh fruit transport and distribution.
HTMLPDF16-470-300QuarantineOnion white rot disease.
HTMLPDF16-470-305Onion white rot diseaseDefinitions.
HTMLPDF16-470-310Onion white rot diseaseArea under order.
HTMLPDF16-470-320Onion white rot diseaseRestrictionsControlPreventionSanitation.
HTMLPDF16-470-330Onion white rot diseaseEnforcement.
HTMLPDF16-470-340Onion white rot diseaseResearch.
HTMLPDF16-470-410ChestnutArea under quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-470-430Chestnut pestsHosts and carriersCommodities under quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-470-440Chestnut quarantineRestrictionsRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-470-700QuarantineJapanese beetle.
HTMLPDF16-470-705Areas under quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-470-710Regulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-470-715Conditions governing the movement of regulated articles into Washington state from external quarantine areas.
HTMLPDF16-470-717Conditions governing the movement of regulated articles from internal quarantined areas.
HTMLPDF16-470-720Compliance agreements.
HTMLPDF16-470-900Schedule of fees and chargesBilling policies and procedures.
HTMLPDF16-470-905Schedule of fees and chargesEstablishing hourly rates.
HTMLPDF16-470-912Schedule of fees and chargesApplicable fees and charges.
HTMLPDF16-470-917Schedule of fees and chargesFees for post entry inspection services.
HTMLPDF16-470-921Schedule of fees and chargesMiscellaneous fees.
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