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PDFWAC 16-233-311

Agricultural employer responsibilities to protect workers entering treated areas during a restricted-entry interval40 C.F.R., § 170.605.

If an agricultural employer directs a worker to perform activities in a treated area where a restricted-entry interval is in effect, all of the following requirements must be met:
(1) The agricultural employer must ensure that the worker is at least eighteen years old.
(2) Prior to early entry, the agricultural employer must provide to each early-entry worker the information described in (a) through (h) of this subsection. The information must be provided orally in a manner that the worker can understand.
(a) Location of early-entry area where work activities are to be performed.
(b) Pesticide(s) applied.
(c) Dates and times that the restricted-entry interval begins and ends.
(d) Which exception in WAC 16-233-306 is the basis for the early entry, and a description of tasks that may be performed under the exception.
(e) Whether contact with treated surfaces is permitted under the exception.
(f) Amount of time the worker is allowed to remain in the treated area.
(g) Personal protective equipment required by the pesticide product labeling for early entry.
(h) Location of the pesticide safety information required in WAC 16-233-026(1) and the location of the decontamination supplies required in subsection (8) of this section.
(3) Prior to early entry, the agricultural employer must ensure that each worker either has read the applicable pesticide product labeling or has been informed, in a manner that the worker can understand, of all labeling requirements and statements related to human hazards or precautions, first aid, and user safety.
(4) The agricultural employer must ensure that each worker who enters a treated area during a restricted-entry interval is provided the personal protective equipment specified in the pesticide product labeling for early entry. The agricultural employer must ensure that the worker uses the personal protective equipment as intended according to manufacturer's instructions and follows any other applicable requirements on the pesticide product labeling. Personal protective equipment must conform to the standards in WAC 16-233-216 (2)(a) through (i).
(5) The agricultural employer must maintain the personal protective equipment in accordance with WAC 16-233-216 (3) and (4).
(6) The agricultural employer must ensure that no worker is allowed or directed to wear personal protective equipment without implementing measures sufficient to prevent heat-related illness and that each worker is instructed in the prevention, recognition, and first-aid treatment of heat-related illness.
(7) The agricultural employer must instruct each worker on the proper use and removal of the personal protective equipment, and as appropriate, on its cleaning, maintenance and disposal. The agricultural employer must not allow or direct any worker to wear home or to take home employer-provided personal protective equipment contaminated with pesticides.
(8) During any early-entry activity, the agricultural employer must provide decontamination supplies in accordance with WAC 16-233-221, except the decontamination supplies must be outside any area being treated with pesticides or subject to a restricted-entry interval, unless the decontamination supplies would otherwise not be reasonably accessible to workers performing early-entry tasks.
(9) If the pesticide product labeling of the product applied requires protective eyewear, the agricultural employer must provide at least one pint of water per worker in portable containers for eyeflushing that is immediately available to each worker who is performing early-entry activities.
(10) At the end of any early-entry activities the agricultural employer must provide, at the site where the workers remove personal protective equipment, soap, single-use towels and an adequate amount of water so that the workers may wash thoroughly. At least ten gallons of water for one employee and twenty gallons of water for two or more employees shall be provided at early entry sites that do not have running water.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.58.040, 17.21.030 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 18-01-054, § 16-233-311, filed 12/13/17, effective 1/13/18.]
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