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PDFWAC 16-229-450

Spill response plan.

(1) The operator of a permanent mixing/loading site shall prepare a written spill response plan for the facility. If all or portions of the information required by the spill response plan have been prepared for plans required by other government agencies they need not be prepared for this plan: Provided, That the information is readily accessible to emergency responders and department personnel. However, when copies of the plan are distributed all the required information shall be provided.
The plan shall include the following elements:
(a) The identity and telephone numbers of the persons and agencies who are to be contacted in the event of a spill.
(b) For each pesticide stored at the facility a complete copy of the storage container labeling required under this rule and the labeling required to accompany sale of the pesticide under the Washington Pesticide Control Act, chapter 15.58 RCW.
(c) A material safety data sheet for each pesticide stored at the facility.
(d) The procedures to be used for controlling and recovering, or otherwise responding to a spill for each type of pesticide stored at the facility.
(e) The procedures to be followed in using or disposing of a recovered spill.
(2) The spill response plan shall be kept current at all times.
(3) A copy of the spill response plan shall be kept readily available for inspection and use at the facility or at the nearest local office from which the facility is administered and shall be available for inspection and copying by the department.
(4) Persons employed at permanent mixing/loading sites shall be trained in spill response procedures pursuant to the spill response plan.
(5) Emergency equipment and supplies: Absorbent materials and other equipment suitable for the control and cleanup of smaller spills shall be available at the facility. A list showing the types and locations of clean-up supplies and equipment shall be maintained at the permanent mixing/loading site or the nearest local office from which the site is administered.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.54.800 and 15.58.040. WSR 93-22-093 (Order 5018), ยง 16-229-450, filed 11/2/93, effective 3/1/94.]
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