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PDFWAC 16-104-320

Grading room requirements.

(1) The grading room candling area shall be adequately darkened to make possible accurate quality determination of the candled appearances of eggs.
(2) There shall be no crossbeams of light, and light reflection from candling lights shall be kept at a minimum.
(3) Candling area/equipment shall be constructed so as to permit cleaning and provide ample shelf space for convenient placement of the different grades to be packed.
(4) The candling lights shall be capable of delivering reasonably uniform intensity of light at the candling aperture to facilitate accurate quality determinations. In operations utilizing mechanical grading equipment, adequate light shall be provided to facilitate necessary quality determinations, including the detection and removal of stained and dirty shells and the condition of the packing material.
(5) Individual egg scales shall be provided to check accuracy of weight classing.
(6) Weighing equipment, whether manual or automatic, shall be kept clean and maintained in a manner to assure accurate operation.
(7) Ventilation and lighting:
(a) Adequate lighting shall be provided to assure accurate and safe grading room operations.
(b) Adequate ventilation shall be maintained to keep the area free from undesirable odors, dust, and condensation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.25.030 and chapters 42.30 and 35.05 [34.05] RCW. WSR 92-01-091, ยง 16-104-320, filed 12/17/91, effective 1/17/92.]
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