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PDFWAC 137-55-040


(1) "Replenishment" of offender personal hygiene items shall be in accordance with the department's established usage factors for personal hygiene items.
(2) The guideline usage for each personal hygiene item shall be as follows:
(a) Bath soap - Seven days per bar;
(b) Toothbrush - Sixty days;
(c) Toothpaste - Thirty days;
(d) Razor - Five days;
(e) Comb - Sixty days; and
(f) Hair pick - One hundred eighty days.
(3) Department replenishment of personal hygiene items shall be issued to those offenders meeting the definition of indigent and those offenders that do not have sufficient money available.
(4) If a nonindigent offender does not have sufficient money for a single item issue, any money available will be deducted and a debt established for the balance and collected in accordance with the offender financial debt collection procedure.
(5) State issued sanitary napkins will be made available to female offenders on an as needed basis without charge.
[WSR 97-03-041, ยง 137-55-040, filed 1/10/97, effective 2/4/97.]
Reviser's note: Under RCW 34.05.030 (1)(c), as amended by section 103, chapter 288, Laws of 1988, the above section was not adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, but was published in the Washington State Register and codified into the Washington Administrative Code exactly as shown by the agency filing with history notes added by the code reviser's office.
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