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Fetal alcohol screening and assessment services.

The authority shall contract with the University of Washington fetal alcohol syndrome clinic to provide fetal alcohol exposure screening and assessment services. The University indirect charges shall not exceed ten percent of the total contract amount. The contract shall require the University of Washington fetal alcohol syndrome clinic to provide the following services:
(1) Training for health care staff in community-based fetal alcohol exposure clinics to ensure the accurate diagnosis of individuals with fetal alcohol exposure and the development and implementation of appropriate service referral plans;
(2) Development of written or visual educational materials for the individuals diagnosed with fetal alcohol exposure and their families or caregivers;
(3) Systematic information retrieval from each community clinic to (a) maintain diagnostic accuracy and reliability across all community clinics, (b) facilitate the development of effective and efficient screening tools for population-based identification of individuals with fetal alcohol exposure, (c) facilitate identification of the most clinically efficacious and cost-effective educational, social, vocational, and health service interventions for individuals with fetal alcohol exposure;
(4) Based on available funds, establishment of a network of community-based fetal alcohol exposure clinics across the state to meet the demand for fetal alcohol exposure diagnostic and referral services; and
(5) Preparation of an annual report for submission to the authority, the department of health, the department of social and health services, the department of corrections, and the office of the superintendent of public instruction which includes the information retrieved under subsection (3) of this section.


FindingsIntentEffective date2018 c 201: See notes following RCW 41.05.018.
FindingsPurpose1995 c 54: "The legislature finds that fetal alcohol exposure is among the leading known causes of mental retardation in the children of our state. The legislature further finds that individuals with undiagnosed fetal alcohol exposure suffer substantially from secondary disabilities such as child abuse and neglect, separation from families, multiple foster placements, depression, aggression, school failure, juvenile detention, and job instability. These secondary disabilities come at a high cost to the individuals, their family, and society. The legislature finds that these problems can be reduced substantially by early diagnosis and receipt of appropriate, effective intervention.
The purpose of this act is to support current public and private efforts directed at the early identification of and intervention into the problems associated with fetal alcohol exposure through the creation of a fetal alcohol exposure clinical network." [ 1995 c 54 § 1.]
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