Chapter 71.24 RCW



71.24.011Short title.
71.24.015Legislative intent and policy.
71.24.016IntentManagement of services for people with mental disorders.
71.24.030Grants, purchasing of services, for community mental health programs.
71.24.035Director's powers and duties as state behavioral health authority.
71.24.037Licensed or certified service providers, residential services, community support servicesMinimum standardsViolation reportingTransfer or sale of behavioral health service to family member.
71.24.045Behavioral health organization powers and duties.
71.24.049Identification by behavioral health organizationChildren's mental health services.
71.24.061Children's mental health providersChildren's mental health evidence-based practice institutePilot programPartnership access line for moms and kidsReport to legislature.
71.24.100Joint agreements of county authoritiesRequired provisions.
71.24.110Joint agreements of county authoritiesPermissive provisions.
71.24.155Grants to behavioral health organizationsAccounting.
71.24.160Proof as to uses made of state fundsUse of maintenance of effort funds.
71.24.200Expenditures of county funds subject to county fiscal laws.
71.24.215Clients to be charged for services.
71.24.220Reimbursement may be withheld for noncompliance with chapter or related rules.
71.24.240County program plans to be approved by director prior to submittal to federal agency.
71.24.250Behavioral health organizationsGifts and grants.
71.24.260Waiver of postgraduate educational requirements.
71.24.300Behavioral health organizationsInclusion of tribal authoritiesRoles and responsibilities.
71.24.310Administration of chapters 71.05 and 71.24 RCW through behavioral health organizationsImplementation of chapter 71.05 RCW.
71.24.320Behavioral health organizationsProcurement processPenalty for voluntary termination or refusal to renew contract.
71.24.330Behavioral health organizationsContracts with authorityRequirements.
71.24.335Behavioral health organizationsProvider reimbursementRequirementsProcedureDefinitions.
71.24.340Behavioral health organizationsAgreements with city and county jails.
71.24.350Behavioral health ombuds office.
71.24.360Establishment of new behavioral health organizations.
71.24.370Behavioral health organizations contractsLimitation on state liability.
71.24.380Purchase of mental health and chemical dependency treatment servicesManaged care contractingDetailed plan.
71.24.382Mental health and chemical dependency treatment providers and programsVendor rate increases.
71.24.385Behavioral health organizationsMental disorder program development.
71.24.400Streamlining delivery systemFinding.
71.24.405Streamlining delivery system.
71.24.415Streamlining delivery systemAuthority duties to achieve outcomes.
71.24.420Expenditure of federal funds.
71.24.430Collaborative service delivery.
71.24.450Offenders with mental illnessesFindings and intent.
71.24.455Offenders with mental illnessesContracts for specialized access and services.
71.24.460Offenders with mental illnessesReport to legislatureContingent termination of program.
71.24.470Offenders with mental illness who are believed to be dangerousContract for case managementUse of appropriated funds.
71.24.480Offenders with mental illness who are believed to be dangerousLimitation on liability due to treatmentReporting requirements.
71.24.490Evaluation and treatment servicesCapacity needsRegional support network or behavioral health organization.
71.24.500Written guidance and trainingsManaged careIncarcerated and involuntarily hospitalized persons.
71.24.510Integrated comprehensive screening and assessment processImplementation.
71.24.515Chemical dependency specialist servicesTo be available at children and family services officesTraining in uniform screening.
71.24.520Chemical dependency program authority.
71.24.525Agreements authorized under the interlocal cooperation act.
71.24.530Local funding and donative funding requirementsFacilities, plans, programs.
71.24.535Duties of authority.
71.24.540Drug courts.
71.24.545Comprehensive program for treatmentRegional facilities.
71.24.550City, town, or county without facilityContribution of liquor taxes prerequisite to use of another's facility.
71.24.555Liquor taxes and profitsCity and county eligibility conditioned.
71.24.560Opioid treatment programsPregnant womenInformation and education.
71.24.565Acceptance for approved treatmentRules.
71.24.570Emergency service patrolEstablishmentRules.
71.24.575Criminal laws limitations.
71.24.580Criminal justice treatment account.
71.24.582Review of expenditures for drug and alcohol treatment.
71.24.585Opioid use disorder treatmentDeclaration of regulation by state.
71.24.587Opioid use disorder treatmentPossession or use of lawfully prescribed medicationDeclaration by state.
71.24.590Opioid treatmentProgram licensing or certification by department, department dutiesDefinition.
71.24.595Statewide treatment and operating standards for opioid treatment programsEvaluation and report.
71.24.600Inability to contribute to cost no bar to admissionAuthority may limit admissions.
71.24.605Fetal alcohol screening and assessment services.
71.24.610Interagency agreement on fetal alcohol exposure programs.
71.24.615Chemical dependency treatment expendituresPrioritization.
71.24.620Persons with substance use disordersIntensive case management pilot projects.
71.24.625Uniform application of chapterTraining for behavioral health organization-designated chemical dependency specialists.
71.24.630Integrated, comprehensive screening and assessment process for substance use and mental disorders.
71.24.640Standards for certification or licensure of evaluation and treatment facilities.
71.24.645Standards for certification or licensure of crisis stabilization units.
71.24.647Standards for certification or licensure of triage facilities.
71.24.650Standards for certification or licensure of a clubhouse.
71.24.805Mental health system reviewPerformance audit recommendations affirmed.
71.24.810Mental health system reviewImplementation of performance audit recommendations.
71.24.840Mental health system reviewStudy of long-term outcomes.
71.24.845Behavioral health organizationsTransfers between organizations.
71.24.850Regional service areasReportManaged care integration.
71.24.855FindingIntentState hospitals.
71.24.860Task forceIntegrated behavioral health services.
71.24.870Behavioral health servicesReview of rules, policies, and procedures by departmentAdoption of rulesAudit.
71.24.880Interlocal leadership structureTransition to fully integrated managed care within a regional service area.


Reviser's note: The department of social and health services filed an emergency order, WSR 89-20-030, effective October 1, 1989, establishing rules for the recognition and certification of regional support networks. A final order was filed on January 24, 1990, effective January 25, 1990.
Comprehensive community health centers: Chapter 70.10 RCW.
Funding: RCW 43.79.201 and 79.02.410.