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Required participation in an approved stewardship plan—Information regarding available end-of-life paint management options.

(1) A producer or paint retailer may not sell or offer for sale to any person in the state architectural paint unless the producer or brand of architectural paint is participating in an approved stewardship plan under this chapter. A retailer complies with the requirements of this section if, on the date the architectural paint was ordered from the producer or its agent, the producer of the paint was listed on the department's website as a producer participating in an approved paint stewardship program plan. However, a retailer may sell any paint purchased prior to July 28, 2019.
(2) A distributor or a paint retailer that distributes or sells architectural paint shall monitor the department's website to determine if the sale of a producer's architectural paint is in compliance with this chapter.
(3) At the time of sale to a consumer, a producer, a stewardship organization, or a paint retailer selling or offering architectural paint for sale in Washington shall provide the consumer with information regarding available end-of-life management options for leftover architectural paint collected through a paint stewardship program.
(4) Neither a paint retailer, nor any other retailer, is required to serve as a leftover paint collection facility.
(5) No fee may be charged at the time of delivery of leftover paint to a collection site.
[ 2019 c 344 s 7. Formerly RCW 70.375.070.]
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