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General operating plan.

(1) The board shall adopt a general operating plan of procedures for the authority. The board shall also adopt operating procedures for collecting funds from participating covered electronic manufacturers and for providing funding for contracted services. These operating procedures must be adopted by resolution prior to the authority operating the applicable programs.
(2) The general operating plan must include, but is not limited to: (a) Appropriate minimum reserve requirements to secure the authority's financial stability; (b) appropriate standards for contracting for services; and (c) standards for service.
(3) The board shall conduct at least one public hearing on the general operating plan prior to its adoption. The authority shall provide and make public a written response to all comments received by the public.
(4) The general operating plan must be adopted by resolution of the board. The board may periodically update the general operating plan as necessary, but must update the plan no less than once every four years. The general operating plan or updated plan must include a report on authority activities conducted since the commencement of authority operation or since the last reported general operating plan, whichever is more recent, including a statement of results achieved under the purposes of this chapter and the general operating plan. Upon adoption, the authority shall conduct its programs in observance of the objectives established in the general operating plan.
[ 2006 c 183 § 33. Formerly RCW 70.95N.320.]
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