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Authority use of funds.

(1) The authority shall use any funds legally available to it for any purpose specifically authorized by this chapter to:
(a) Contract and pay for collecting, transporting, and recycling of covered electronic products and education and other services as identified in the standard plan;
(b) Pay for the expenses of the authority including, but not limited to, salaries, benefits, operating costs and consumable supplies, equipment, office space, and other expenses related to the costs associated with operating the authority;
(c) Pay into the electronic products recycling account amounts billed by the department to the authority for any deficit in reaching the standard plan's equivalent share as required under RCW 70A.500.220; and
(d) Pay the department for the fees for submitting the standard plan and any plan revisions.
(2) If practicable, the authority shall avoid creating new infrastructure already available through private industry in the state.
(3) The authority may not receive an appropriation of state funds, other than:
(a) Funds that may be provided as a one-time loan to cover administrative costs associated with start-up of the authority, such as electing the board of directors and conducting the public hearing for the operating plan, provided that no appropriated funds may be used to pay for collection, transportation, or recycling services; and
(b) Funds received from the department from the electronic products recycling account for exceeding the standard plan's equivalent share.
(4) The authority may receive additional sources of funding that do not obligate the state to secure debt.
(5) All funds collected by the authority under this chapter, including interest, dividends, and other profits, are and must remain under the complete control of the authority and its board of directors, be fully available to achieve the intent of this chapter, and be used for the sole purpose of achieving the intent of this chapter.
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