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Solid waste handling permitExemption from requirementsApplication of sectionRules.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the department may by rule exempt from the requirements to obtain a solid waste handling permit any category of solid waste handling facility that it determines to:
(a) Present little or no environmental risk; and
(b) Meet the environmental protection and performance requirements required for other similar solid waste facilities.
(2) This section does not apply to any facility or category of facilities that:
(a) Receives municipal solid waste destined for final disposal, including but not limited to transfer stations, landfills, and incinerators;
(b) Applies putrescible solid waste on land for final disposal purposes;
(c) Handles mixed solid wastes that have not been processed to segregate solid waste materials destined for disposal from other solid waste materials destined for a beneficial use or recycling;
(d) Receives or processes organic waste materials into compost in volumes that generally far exceed those handled by municipal park departments, master gardening programs, and households; or
(e) Receives solid waste destined for recycling or reuse, the operation of which is determined by the department to present risks to human health and the environment.
(3) Rules adopted under this section shall contain such terms and conditions as the department deems necessary to ensure compliance with applicable statutes and rules. If a facility does not operate in compliance with the terms and conditions established for an exemption under subsection (1) of this section, the facility is subject to the permitting requirements for solid waste handling under this chapter.
(4) This section shall not be deemed to invalidate the exemptions or determinations of nonapplicability in the department's solid waste rules as they exist on June 11, 1998, which exemptions and determinations are recognized and confirmed subject to the department's continuing authority to modify or revoke those exemptions or determinations by rule.


IntentSeverability2005 c 394: See notes following RCW 70A.205.300.
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