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Solid waste stream analysis.

The comprehensive, statewide solid waste stream analysis under RCW 70A.205.240 shall be based on representative solid waste generation areas and solid waste generation sources within the state. The following information and evaluations shall be included:
(1) Solid waste generation rates for each category;
(2) The rate of recycling being achieved within the state for each category of solid waste;
(3) The current and potential rates of solid waste reduction within the state;
(4) A technological assessment of current solid waste reduction and recycling methods and systems, including cost/benefit analyses;
(5) An assessment of the feasibility of segregating solid waste at: (a) The original source, (b) transfer stations, and (c) the point of final disposal;
(6) A review of methods that will increase the rate of solid waste reduction; and
(7) An assessment of new and existing technologies that are available for solid waste management including an analysis of the associated environmental risks and costs.
The data required by the analysis under this section shall be kept current and shall be available to local governments and the waste management industry.
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