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Determination of best solid waste management practicesDepartment to develop method to monitor waste streamCollectors to report quantity and quality of wasteConfidentiality of proprietary information.

The department of ecology shall determine the best management practices for categories of solid waste in accordance with the priority solid waste management methods established in RCW 70A.205.005. In order to make this determination, the department shall conduct a comprehensive solid waste stream analysis and evaluation. Following establishment of baseline data resulting from an initial in-depth analysis of the waste stream, the department shall develop a less intensive method of monitoring the disposed waste stream including, but not limited to, changes in the amount of waste generated and waste type. The department shall monitor curbside collection programs and other waste segregation and disposal technologies to determine, to the extent possible, the effectiveness of these programs in terms of cost and participation, their applicability to other locations, and their implications regarding rules adopted under this chapter. Persons who collect solid waste shall annually report to the department the types and quantities of solid waste that are collected and where it is delivered. The department shall adopt guidelines for reporting and for keeping proprietary information confidential.
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