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PDFWAC 332-30-116

Harbor line relocation.

Harbor areas are established to meet the needs of navigation and commerce. Harbor line relocations must be consistent with this purpose.
(1) Harbor line relocations should:
(a) Maintain or enhance the type and amount of harbor area needed to meet long-term needs of water dependent commerce; and
(b) Maintain adequate space for navigation beyond the outer harbor line.
(2) When in agreement with the above guidelines, consideration of harbor line relocations should include:
(a) Plans and development guidelines of public ports, counties, cities, and other local, state, and federal agencies;
(b) Economic and environmental impacts;
(c) Public access to the waterfront;
(d) Indian treaty rights;
(e) Cumulative impacts of similar relocations on water dependent commerce; and
(f) The precedent setting effect on other harbor areas.
(3) Procedure.
(a) Upon receipt of a completed harbor line relocation proposal form and SEPA checklist (if necessary), department of natural resources staff shall arrange for a public hearing.
(b) Notice of the hearing shall be mailed at least thirty days in advance to the concerned city, county, port district, interest groups, adjacent tide, shore or upland owners and others who indicate interest; and shall be published at least twenty days in advance in a local newspaper of general circulation.
(c) The hearing, conducted by a hearings officer, shall be held in the county in which the relocation is proposed. Department staff shall present the proposal and preliminary recommendations. The hearing shall be recorded.
(d) Comments may be submitted at the hearing or mailed to the department. Written comments must be postmarked no later than fourteen days after the hearing.
(e) Department of natural resources staff will finalize SEPA compliance (if necessary) and prepare a final report of recommendations to the harbor line commission.
(f) No later than sixty days after the date of the public hearing, the harbor line commission shall consider the staff report and public comments, then approve, modify or deny the relocation. A copy of the commission's resolution shall be sent within ten days to the proponent, the city, county, port district and other parties who have requested it.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 79.92 RCW. WSR 83-21-004 (Order 404, Resolution No. 433), ยง 332-30-116, filed 10/6/83.]
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