Chapter 332-30 WAC

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WAC Sections

332-30-103Purpose and applicability.
332-30-107Aquatic land planning.
332-30-108Establishment of new harbor areas.
332-30-109Harbor area.
332-30-114Management agreements with port districts.
332-30-115Harbor area use classes.
332-30-116Harbor line relocation.
332-30-119Sale of second class shorelands.
332-30-122Aquatic land use authorization.
332-30-123Aquatic land use rentals for water-dependent uses.
332-30-125Aquatic land use rental rates for nonwater-dependent uses.
332-30-126Sand and gravel extraction fees.
332-30-127Unauthorized use and occupancy of aquatic lands (see RCW 79.105.200 and 79.125.200).
332-30-128Rent review.
332-30-131Public use and access.
332-30-137Nonwater-dependent uses.
332-30-139Marinas and moorages.
332-30-144Private recreational docks.
332-30-145Booming, rafting and storage of logs.
332-30-148Swim rafts and mooring buoys.
332-30-151Reserves (RCW 79.68.060).
332-30-157Commercial clam harvesting.
332-30-163River management.
332-30-166Open water disposal sites.
332-30-170Tideland and shoreland exchange.
332-30-171Residential uses on state-owned aquatic lands.
332-30-172Geoduck diver safety program.
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