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PDFWAC 332-30-115

Harbor area use classes.

These classes are based on the degree to which the use conforms to the intent of the constitution that designated harbor areas be reserved for landings, wharves, streets and other conveniences of navigation and commerce.
(1) Water-dependent commerce. Water-dependent commerce are all uses that cannot logically exist in any other location but on the water and are aids to navigation and commerce. These are preferred harbor area uses. Leases may be granted up to the maximum period allowed by the Constitution and may be renewed. Typical uses are:
(a) Public or private vessel terminal and transfer facilities which handle general commerce including the cargo handling facilities necessary for water oriented uses.
(b) Public and private terminal facilities for passenger vessels.
(c) Watercraft construction, repair, maintenance, servicing and dismantling.
(d) Marinas and mooring areas.
(e) Tug and barge companies facilities.
(f) Log booming.
(2) Water-oriented commerce. Water-oriented commerce are commercial uses which historically have been dependent on waterfront locations, but with existing technology could be located away from the waterfront. Existing water-oriented uses may be asked to yield to water dependent commercial uses when the lease expires. New water-oriented commercial uses will be considered as interim uses. Typical uses are:
(a) Wood products manufacturing.
(b) Watercraft sales.
(c) Fish processing.
(d) Sand and gravel companies.
(e) Petroleum handling and processing plants.
(f) Log storage.
(3) Public access. Facilities for public access are lower priority uses which do not make an important contribution to navigation and commerce for which harbor areas are reserved, but which can be permitted providing that the harbor area involved is not needed, or is not suitable for water-dependent commerce. Leases may be issued for periods up to thirty years with possible renewals. Typical uses are:
(a) Public fishing piers.
(b) Public waterfront parks.
(c) Public use beaches.
(d) Aquariums available to the public.
(e) Underwater parks and reefs.
(f) Public viewing areas and walkways.
(4) Residential use. Residential uses do not require harbor area locations and are frequently incompatible with water-dependent commerce. New residential uses will not be permitted to locate in harbor areas, except that vessels used as a residence will be permitted wherever other vessels are permitted if the residential uses are otherwise allowed by WAC 332-30-171 and meet all applicable laws and lease requirements. This restriction on new leases differentiates residential uses from interim uses. Existing residential uses may be asked to yield to other uses when the lease expires. Proposed renewals of residential leases will require the same analysis as specified for interim uses.
(5) Interim uses. Interim uses are all uses other than water-dependent commerce, existing water-oriented commerce, public access facilities, and residential uses. Interim uses do not require waterfront locations in order to properly function. Leases may only be issued and reissued for interim uses in exceptional circumstances and when compatible with water dependent commerce existing in or planned for the area. See WAC 332-30-137 Nonwater-dependent uses for evaluation standards.
(6) Areas withdrawn are harbor areas which are so located as to be currently unusable. These areas are temporarily withdrawn pending future demand for constitutional uses. No leases are issued.
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