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Chapter 296-803 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-803-20005Establish a written energy control program.
HTMLPDF296-803-30005Make sure new or modified machines and equipment can accept lockout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-40005Provide appropriate means to control energy.
HTMLPDF296-803-40010Make sure lockout and tagout devices meet these requirements.
HTMLPDF296-803-40015Make sure lockout devices meet these additional requirements.
HTMLPDF296-803-40020Make sure tagout devices meet these additional requirements.
HTMLPDF296-803-50005Use energy control procedures.
HTMLPDF296-803-50010Meet these requirements when applying lockout or tagout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-50015Meet these additional requirements when applying lockout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-50020Meet these additional requirements when applying tagout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-50025Protect employees from the hazards of stored and residual energy.
HTMLPDF296-803-50030Verify that the machine or equipment is safe before starting work.
HTMLPDF296-803-50035Meet these requirements when removing lockout or tagout devices and energizing the machine or equipment.
HTMLPDF296-803-50040Meet these requirements if it is necessary to temporarily energize a machine, equipment, or component for testing or positioning.
HTMLPDF296-803-50045Protect employees during shift or personnel changes.
HTMLPDF296-803-50050Protect employees working in a group.
HTMLPDF296-803-50055Meet these additional requirements if more than one group is used.
HTMLPDF296-803-50060Coordinate with outside employers servicing or maintaining your machines or equipment.
HTMLPDF296-803-60005Provide and document employee training on the energy control program.
HTMLPDF296-803-60010Provide additional training if you use tagout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-60015Retrain employees when necessary.
HTMLPDF296-803-70005Perform and document periodic reviews to verify employees know and follow the energy control procedures.
HTMLPDF296-803-70010Do periodic reviews of procedures using lockout devices.
HTMLPDF296-803-70015Do periodic reviews of procedures using tagout devices.
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