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Title 296 WAC

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296-05Apprenticeship rules.
296-06Public records.
296-07State Environmental Policy Act guidelines.
296-14Industrial insurance.
296-14AClaim resolution structured settlement agreements.
296-15Workers' compensation self-insurance rules and regulations.
296-15AIndustrial insurance discrimination.
296-16Employer—Worker reemployment incentives.
296-16AStay-at-work program.
296-17General reporting rules, audit and recordkeeping, rates and rating system for Washington workers' compensation insurance.
296-17AClassifications for Washington workers' compensation insurance.
296-17BRetrospective rating for workers' compensation insurance.
296-19AVocational rehabilitation.
296-20Medical aid rules.
296-21Reimbursement policies: Psychiatric services, biofeedback, physical medicine.
296-23Radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, pathology, hospital, chiropractic, physical therapy, drugless therapeutics and nursing—Drugless therapeutics, etc.
296-23BAmbulatory surgery center payment.
296-24General safety and health standards.
296-27Recordkeeping and reporting.
296-30Rules for the administration of the crime victims compensation program.
296-31Crime victims compensation mental health treatment rules and fees.
296-32Safety standards for telecommunications.
296-33Attendant services.
296-35Safety standards for quotas for warehouse distribution centers.
296-36Safety standards—Compressed air work.
296-37Standards for commercial diving operations.
296-45Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution.
296-46BElectrical safety standards, administration, and installation.
296-49AThe factory assembled structures advisory board.
296-52Safety standards for possession, handling, and use of explosives.
296-54Safety standards—Logging operations.
296-56Safety standards—Longshore, stevedore and waterfront related operations.
296-59Safety standards for ski area facilities and operations.
296-62General occupational health standards.
296-63Right to know fee assessment.
296-65Asbestos removal and encapsulation.
296-67Safety standards for process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals.
296-71Refinery worker training and certification in high hazard facilities.
296-78Safety standards for sawmills and woodworking operations.
296-79Safety standards for pulp, paper, and paperboard mills and converters.
296-96Safety regulations and fees for all elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators and other conveyances.
296-99Safety standards for grain handling facilities.
296-104Board of boiler rules—Substantive.
296-115Safety requirements for charter boats.
296-125Nonagricultural employment of minors.
296-126Standards of labor for the protection of the safety, health and welfare of employees for all occupations subject to chapter 49.12 RCW.
296-127Prevailing wage.
296-128Minimum wages.
296-130Family care.
296-131Agricultural employment standards.
296-133Procedural rules supplementary to the Health Care Activities Labor Relations Act, chapter 156, Laws of 1972 ex. sess.
296-134Family leave.
296-135Leave for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
296-136Labor standards for quotas at warehouse distribution centers.
296-140Clean energy labor standards certification.
296-150CCommercial coaches.
296-150FFactory-built housing and commercial structures.
296-150IManufactured and mobile home installation.
296-150MManufactured homes.
296-150PRecreational park trailers.
296-150RRecreational vehicles.
296-150TFactory-built temporary worker housing structures.
296-150VConversion vendor units and medical units.
296-155Safety standards for construction work.
296-200AContractor certificate of registration renewals—Security—Insurance.
296-301Safety standards for the textile industry.
296-303Safety standards for laundry machinery and operations.
296-304Safety standards for ship repairing, shipbuilding and shipbreaking.
296-305Safety standards for firefighters.
296-307Safety standards for agriculture.
296-310Farm labor contracting rules.
296-350WISHA administrative rules.
296-360Discrimination, pursuant to RCW 49.17.160.
296-400APlumber certification rules.
296-403AAmusement rides or structures.
296-800Safety and health core rules.
296-801Protecting temporary workers.
296-802Employee medical and exposure records.
296-803Lockout/tagout (control of hazardous energy).
296-806Machine safety.
296-807Portable power tools.
296-809Confined spaces.
296-811Fire brigades.
296-817Hearing loss prevention (noise).
296-818Abrasive blasting.
296-820Wildfire smoke.
296-823Occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
296-824Emergency response.
296-826Anhydrous ammonia.
296-828Hazardous chemicals in laboratories.
296-829Helicopters used as lifting machines.
296-831Adult entertainer safety.
296-832Late night retail worker crime prevention.
296-833Temporary housing for workers.
296-835Dipping and coating operations (dip tanks).
296-840Respirable crystalline silica.
296-841Airborne contaminants.
296-843Hazardous waste operations.
296-855Ethylene oxide.
296-860Railroad clearances and walkways in private rail yards and plants.
296-863Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks.
296-864Split (multipiece) rim and single-piece rim wheels.
296-865Motor vehicles.
296-869Elevating work platforms.
296-870Powered platforms.
296-876Ladders, portable and fixed.
296-878Safety standards for window cleaning.
296-880Unified safety standards for fall protection.
296-900Administrative rules.
296-901Globally harmonized system for hazard communication.
296-910Small employer emergency safety grant program.
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