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PDFWAC 246-976-920

Medical program director.

(1) Qualifications - Applicants for certification as a medical program director (MPD) must:
(a) Hold and maintain a current and valid license to practice medicine and surgery under chapter 18.71 RCW or osteopathic medicine and surgery under chapter 18.57 RCW; and
(b) Be qualified and knowledgeable in the administration and management of emergency medical care and services; and
(c) Complete a medical director training course approved by the department; and
(d) Be recommended for certification by the local medical community and local emergency medical services and trauma care council.
(2) MPD certification process. In certifying the MPD, the department will:
(a) Work with the local EMSTC council to identify physicians interested in serving as the MPD;
(b) Receive a letter of interest and curriculum vitae from the MPD candidate;
(c) Perform required background checks identified in RCW 18.130.064;
(d) Work with and provide technical assistance to local EMSTC councils on evaluating MPD candidates;
(e) Obtain letters of recommendation from the local EMSTC council and local medical community;
(f) Make final appointment of the MPD.
(3) The certified MPD must:
(a) Provide medical control and direction of EMS certified personnel in their medical duties. This is done by oral or written communication;
(b) Develop and adopt written prehospital patient care protocols to direct EMS certified personnel in patient care. These protocols may not conflict with regional patient care procedures. Protocols may not exceed the authorized care of the certified prehospital personnel as described in WAC 246-976-182;
(c) Establish policies for storing, dispensing, and administering controlled substances. Policies must be in accordance with state and federal regulations and guidelines;
(d) Participate with local and regional EMS/TC councils to develop and revise:
(i) Regional patient care procedures;
(ii) County operating procedures when applicable. COPS do not conflict with regional patient care procedures; and
(iii) Participate with the local and regional EMS/TC councils to develop and revise regional plans;
(e) Work within the parameters of the approved regional patient care procedures and the regional plan;
(f) Supervise training of all EMS certified personnel;
(g) Develop protocols for special training described in WAC 246-976-023(4);
(h) Periodically audit the medical care performance of EMS certified personnel;
(i) Recommend to the secretary certification, recertification, or denial of certification of EMS personnel;
(j) Recommend to the secretary disciplinary action to be taken against EMS personnel, which may include modification, suspension, or revocation of certification; and
(k) Recommend to the department individuals applying for recognition as senior EMS instructors.
(4) In accordance with department policies and procedures, the MPD may:
(a) Delegate duties to other physicians, except for duties described in subsection (3)(b), (i), (j), and (k) of this section. The delegation must be in writing;
(i) The MPD must notify the department in writing of the names and duties of individuals so delegated, within fourteen days of appointment;
(ii) The MPD may remove delegated authority at any time, which shall be effective upon written notice to the delegate and the department.
(b) Delegate duties relating to training, evaluation, or examination of certified EMS personnel, to qualified nonphysicians. The delegation must be in writing;
(c) Enter into EMS medical control agreements with other MPDs;
(d) Recommend denial of certification to the secretary for any applicant the MPD can document is unable to function as an EMS provider, regardless of successful completion of training, evaluation, or examinations; and
(e) Utilize examinations to determine the knowledge and abilities of certified EMS personnel prior to recommending applicants for certification or recertification.
(5) The secretary may withdraw the certification of an MPD for failure to comply with the Uniform Disciplinary Act (chapter 18.130 RCW) and other applicable statutes and regulations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.71, 18.73, and 70.168 RCW. WSR 11-07-078, § 246-976-920, filed 3/22/11, effective 5/15/11; WSR 00-08-102, § 246-976-920, filed 4/5/00, effective 5/6/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040 and chapters 18.71, 18.73 and 70.168 RCW. WSR 93-01-148 (Order 323), § 246-976-920, filed 12/23/92, effective 1/23/93.]
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