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Control of mosquitoesNoncompliance by landowner with regulations.

(1) Whenever the board finds that the owner has not taken prompt and sufficient action to comply with regulations adopted pursuant to RCW 17.28.175 to control mosquitoes originating from the owner's land, the board shall notify the owner that a violation of this chapter exists. The notice shall be in writing and sent by certified mail, or served by personal service. The notice shall provide a reasonable time period for action to be taken to control mosquitoes. If the board deems that a public nuisance or threat to public health or welfare caused by the mosquito infestation is sufficiently severe, it may require immediate control action to be taken within forty-eight hours following the time that notification is reasonably expected to have been received by the owner or agent by certified mail or personal service.
(2) If the owner does not take sufficient action to control mosquitoes in accordance with the notice, the board may control them, or cause their being controlled, at the expense of the owner. The amount of such expense shall constitute a lien against the property and may be enforced by proceedings on such lien. The owner shall be liable for payment of the expenses, and nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent collection of any judgment on account thereof by any means available pursuant to law, in substitution for enforcement of the lien. Necessary costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by the board in carrying out this section, may be recovered at the same time, as a part of the action filed under this section. The venue in proceedings for reimbursement of expenses brought pursuant to this section, including those involving governmental entities, shall be the county in which the real property that is the subject of the action is situated.
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