Chapter 17.28 RCW



17.28.020Districts may be organized in countiesPetition, presentment, signatures.
17.28.030Petition methodDescription of boundariesVerification of signaturesResolution to include city.
17.28.040Petition methodPublication of petition and notice of meeting.
17.28.050Resolution method.
17.28.060HearingDefective petitionEstablishment of boundaries.
17.28.070Procedure to include other territory.
17.28.080Determination of public necessity and compliance with chapter.
17.28.090Declaration establishing and naming districtElection to form districtEstablishment of district.
17.28.100Election on proposition to levy tax.
17.28.110Board of trusteesComposition.
17.28.120Board of trusteesName of boardQualification of members.
17.28.130Board of trusteesTermsVacancies.
17.28.140Board of trusteesOrganizationOfficersCompensationExpenses.
17.28.150Board of trusteesMeetingsRulesQuorum.
17.28.160Powers of district.
17.28.170Mosquito breeding places declared public nuisanceAbatement.
17.28.175Control of mosquitosDeclaration that owner is responsible.
17.28.185Control of mosquitosNoncompliance by landowner with regulations.
17.28.250Interference with entry or work of districtPenalty.
17.28.251Borrowing money or issuing warrants in anticipation of revenue.
17.28.252Excess levy authorized.
17.28.253District boundaries for tax purposes.
17.28.254Abatement, extermination declared necessity and benefit to land.
17.28.255Classification of propertyAssessments.
17.28.256AssessmentsRoll, hearings, notices, objections, appeal, etc.
17.28.257AssessmentsPayment, lien, delinquencies, foreclosure, etc.
17.28.258County treasurerDuties.
17.28.260General obligation bondsExcess property tax levies.
17.28.270Collection, disposition, of revenueDepository.
17.28.280Withdrawal of funds.
17.28.290Matching funds.
17.28.300Expenses of special elections.
17.28.310Annual certification of assessed valuation.
17.28.320Annexation of territory authorizedConsent by city.
17.28.330Annexation of territory authorizedPetitionHearingBoundaries.
17.28.340Annexation of territory authorizedOrder of annexationElection.
17.28.350Annexation of territory authorizedFiling of orderComposition of board.
17.28.360Consolidation of districtsInitial proceedings.
17.28.370Consolidation of districtsConcurrent resolution.
17.28.380Consolidation of districtsElection.
17.28.390Consolidation of districtsOrder of consolidation.
17.28.400Consolidation of districtsComposition of board.
17.28.410Consolidation of districtsPowers of consolidated districtIndebtedness of former districts.
17.28.430DissolutionResult of election to be certifiedCertificate of dissolution.
17.28.440DissolutionDisposition of property.
17.28.450DissolutionCollection of taxes to discharge indebtedness.
17.28.900Severability1957 c 153.


Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.
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