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Powers of district.

A mosquito control district organized under this chapter may:
(1) Take all necessary or proper steps for the extermination of mosquitoes.
(2) Subject to the paramount control of the county or city in which they exist, abate as nuisances all stagnant pools of water and other breeding places for mosquitoes.
(3) If necessary or proper, in the furtherance of the objects of this chapter, build, construct, repair, and maintain necessary dikes, levees, cuts, canals, or ditches upon any land, and acquire by purchase, condemnation, or by other lawful means, in the name of the district, any lands, rights-of-way, easements, property, or material necessary for any of those purposes.
(4) Make contracts to indemnify or compensate any owner of land or other property for any injury or damage necessarily caused by the use or taking of property for dikes, levees, cuts, canals, or ditches.
(5)(a) Enter upon without hindrance any lands within the district and adjacent thereto for the purpose of inspection to ascertain whether breeding places of mosquitoes exist upon such lands; or to abate public nuisances in accordance with this chapter; or to ascertain if notices to abate the breeding of mosquitoes upon such lands have been complied with; or to treat using integrated pest management, as defined in RCW 17.15.010, methods in places where mosquitoes are found or are likely to exist upon such lands.
(b) For land adjacent to land within the district, a district must give prior written notice to the property owner of the district's intent to enter upon the land for the purposes specified in (a) of this subsection.
(6) Sell or lease any land, rights-of-way, easements, property or material acquired by the district.
(7) Issue warrants payable at the time stated therein to evidence the obligation to repay money borrowed or any other obligation incurred by the district, warrants so issued to draw interest at a rate fixed by the board payable annually or semiannually as the board may prescribe.
(8) Make contracts with the United States, or any state, municipality, or any department of those entities for carrying out the general purpose for which the district is formed.
(9) Acquire by gift, devise, bequest, lease, or purchase, real and personal property necessary or convenient for its purposes.
(10) Make contracts, employ engineers, health officers, sanitarians, physicians, laboratory personnel, attorneys, and other technical or professional assistants; and publish information or literature and do any and all other things necessary or incident to the powers granted by, and to carry out the projects specified in this chapter.
(11) Subject to management considerations identified during consultation with the landowner, cut or remove shrubbery or undergrowth as necessary or proper in order to carry out this chapter.
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