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Chapter 42.56 RCW


RCW Sections

42.56.001Finding, purpose.
42.56.020Short title.
42.56.040Duty to publish procedures.
42.56.050Invasion of privacy, when.
42.56.060Disclaimer of public liability.
42.56.070Documents and indexes to be made public.
42.56.080Facilities for copying -- Availability of public records.
42.56.090Times for inspection and copying -- Posting on web site.
42.56.100Protection of public records -- Public access.
42.56.110Destruction of information relating to employee misconduct.
42.56.120Charges for copying.
42.56.130Other provisions not superseded.
42.56.140Public records exemptions accountability committee.
42.56.150Training -- Local elected and statewide elected officials.
42.56.152Training -- Public records officers.
42.56.155Assistance by attorney general.
42.56.210Certain personal and other records exempt.
42.56.230Personal information.
42.56.240Investigative, law enforcement, and crime victims.
42.56.250Employment and licensing.
42.56.260Real estate appraisals.
42.56.270Financial, commercial, and proprietary information.
42.56.280Preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, intra-agency memorandums.
42.56.290Agency party to controversy.
42.56.300Archaeological sites.
42.56.310Library records.
42.56.320Educational information.
42.56.330Public utilities and transportation.
42.56.335Public utility districts and municipally owned electrical utilities -- Restrictions on access by law enforcement authorities.
42.56.340Timeshare, condominium, etc. owner lists.
42.56.350Health professionals.
42.56.360Health care.
42.56.370Client records of domestic violence programs, or community sexual assault programs or services for underserved populations.
42.56.380Agriculture and livestock.
42.56.390Emergency or transitional housing.
42.56.400Insurance and financial institutions.
42.56.403Property and casualty insurance statements of actuarial opinion.
42.56.410Employment security department records, certain purposes.
42.56.430Fish and wildlife.
42.56.440Veterans' discharge papers -- Exceptions.
42.56.450Check cashers and sellers licensing applications.
42.56.470Correctional industries workers.
42.56.480Inactive programs.
42.56.510Duty to disclose or withhold information -- Otherwise provided.
42.56.520Prompt responses required.
42.56.530Review of agency denial.
42.56.540Court protection of public records.
42.56.550Judicial review of agency actions.
42.56.560Application of RCW 42.56.550.
42.56.565Inspection or copying by persons serving criminal sentences -- Injunction.
42.56.570Explanatory pamphlet.
42.56.580Public records officers.
42.56.590Personal information -- Notice of security breaches.
42.56.600Mediation communications.
42.56.610Certain information from dairies and feedlots limited -- Rules.
42.56.615Enumeration data used by the office of financial management for population estimates.
42.56.900Purpose -- 2005 c 274 §§ 402-429.
42.56.901Part headings not law -- 2005 c 274.
42.56.902Effective date -- 2005 c 274.
42.56.903Effective date -- 2006 c 209.
42.56.904Intent -- 2007 c 391.

Criminal records privacy: Chapter 10.97 RCW.