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Title 42 RCW



42.04General provisions.
42.08Official bonds.
42.14Continuity of government act.
42.16Salaries and fees.
42.17ACampaign disclosure and contribution.
42.20Misconduct of public officers.
42.23Code of ethics for municipal officers -- Contract interests.
42.24Payment of claims for expenses, material, purchases -- Advancements.
42.26Agency vendor payment revolving fund -- Petty cash accounts.
42.30Open Public Meetings Act.
42.36Appearance of fairness doctrine -- Limitations.
42.40State employee whistleblower protection.
42.41Local government whistleblower protection.
42.44Notaries public.
42.48Release of records for research.
42.52Ethics in public service.
42.56Public records act.

Collection agencies retained to collect public debts -- Fees: RCW 19.16.500.

County officers, general provisions: Chapter 36.16 RCW.

Credit card use by local governments: RCW 43.09.2855.

Elections: Title 29A RCW.

Hospitalization and medical aid for public employees and dependents -- Premiums, governmental contributions authorized: RCW 41.04.180, 41.04.190.

Military leave for public employees: RCW 38.40.060.

Public employment, civil service and pensions: Title 41 RCW.

State officers, general provisions: Chapter 43.01 RCW.