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308-20-080  <<  308-20-090 >>   308-20-091

Student credit for training in a licensed school.

(1) A maximum of twenty students per instructor is required within a licensed school.
(2) Only those hours of instruction a student is given under the direction of a licensed instructor of the licensed school in which the student is enrolled and in the courses listed in WAC 308-20-080 and 308-20-105 or hours earned under WAC 308-20-091 shall be credited toward completion of the course of study required in RCW 18.16.100.
(3) When all of a school's requirements have been met by a student and within thirty days of a student leaving a school, the school shall provide to the student a certified copy of the student's final report and refer the student for examination(s) in a manner and format prescribed by the department.
(4) Students may transfer between the schools and apprenticeship salon/shops licensed under chapter 18.16 RCW and may receive credit toward completion of the curriculum in the new school or apprenticeship salon/shop. In order to enroll a transfer student or apprentice, the new school or apprentice salon/shop shall do the following:
(a) Confirm that the student is available for transfer through the student registration process in a manner and format prescribed by the department;
(b) Evaluate the certified final student report provided by the student or apprentice and compare the report with the new school or apprentice salon/shop curriculum requirements; and
(c) The new school or apprentice salon/shop may accept or reject the final student or apprentice report in part or in total from the previous school or salon/shop and shall prepare a monthly report that documents the amount of instructions being accepted.
(5) Both the transferring and receiving school or salon/shop shall maintain student or apprentice records including the transfer record as required in WAC 308-20-040(4).
(6) Licensed instructors must be physically present where the students are training.
(7) Certified training hours expire three years after the last day of attendance. Any hours earned by a student that are more than three years old are considered by the department to be expired and will not be considered valid towards initial licensure.
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