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Title 308 WAC



General provisions.
Practice and procedure.
Public records disclosure.
Regulation of auctioneers.
Board of licensure for landscape architects.
Court reporters.
Geologist licensing services.
Private investigative agencies and private investigators.
Private security guard companies and private security guards.
Bail bond agencies and bail bond agents.
CosmetologyBarberManicuristEsthetician rules.
Body art, body piercing, and tattooing rules.
Collection agencies and repossession services.
Notaries public.
Employment agenciesFee schedules.
Rules of procedure for cremation.
Funeral directors and embalmers.
Prearrangement funeral services.
Certificates of titleMotor vehicles, etc.
Motor vehicle excise tax.
Transportation benefit district administration.
Unauthorized and abandoned vehicles.
Hulk haulers/scrap processors.
Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers.
Vehicle dealer manufacturer franchise disputes.
Scrap metal businessRecyclerProcessorSupplier.
Fuel tax rules and regulations.
Aircraft fuel tax.
Limousine services.
Rental car taxation and licensing.
Transportation of passengers in for hire vehicles.
Vessel dealer registration.
Reciprocity and proration.
Vessel registration and certificates of title.
Off-road and nonhighway vehicles.
Vehicle licenses.
Individuals with disabilities vehicle license privileges.
Vehicle license interstate and intransit permits.
Vehicle reciprocity.
Drivers' licensesSpecial provisions.
Administration of the Financial Responsibility ActProcedures.
Rules of procedure for hearings conducted under RCW 46.20.308.
Drivers' licenses.
Enhanced drivers' license and identicard.
Mandatory insurance.
Ignition interlock driver's license.
Driver training schools.
Administration of knowledge and skills testing by driver training schools.
Real estate brokers and managing brokersGeneral provisions.
Real estateLicensing and examination.
Real estateBroker's office.
Real estateRecords and responsibilities.
Real estateOperational procedures.
Real estateTrust account procedures.
Real estate course school and instructor approvalEducation of real estate brokers and managing brokers.
Real estateAudit/investigation procedures.
Real estate appraisers.
Sellers of travel.
Department of licensing environmental regulations.
Whitewater river outfitters.
Commercial telephone solicitation.
Washington model traffic ordinance.
Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9.
EducationHome inspector course approval.
Standards of practice.
Appraisal management companies.
Camping resortsContractsResale, etc.
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