Last Update: 3/10/15

Chapter 308-20 WAC


WAC Sections

Natural hair braidingExemption.
Student records.
Apprentice records.
Student and apprentice registration.
Minimum instruction guidelines for cosmetology, barbering, manicuring and esthetics training.
Student credit for training in a licensed school.
Student credit for training in a licensed salon/shop.
Apprentice credit for training in an approved apprentice salon/shop.
Minimum instruction requirements for instructor-trainees.
Use and training of instructor-trainees.
Minimum safety and sanitation standards for schools, cosmetologists, manicurists, estheticians, barbers, instructors, salons/shops, mobile units and personal services.
Reciprocity—Persons licensed in other jurisdictions.
Written and performance examinations.
Examination code of conduct.
Examination retakes.
Examination appeal.
Restricted license.
Minimum salon/shop, mobile unit, and personal services licensing standards.
Posting of required licenses, registrations, permits, notice to consumers, and current inspection form.
Identification of apprentices and apprentice salon/shops.
Salon/shop, mobile unit, and personal services location license renewal process.
Operator and instructor renewal process.
Inspection of schools.
School license renewal process.