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PDFWAC 82-20-045

Agency requirements.

(1) The agency is to establish controls to prevent loss of funds. Controls are to include a positive system of validating the amounts to be transferred and verifying that the amounts to be transferred for a recipient are actually due for goods or services received, work performed, benefits due or other purpose as authorized by law.
(2) The agency is to comply with state administrative and accounting policies established by the office of financial management.
(3) The agency is to work with the office of the state treasurer regarding the banking arrangements related to accepting or disbursing funds via electronic and other technological means.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.41.180 and 43.41.110(14). WSR 05-24-062, ยง 82-20-045, filed 12/2/05, effective 1/3/06.]
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