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PDFWAC 51-56-1100

Chapter 11Storm drainage.

1101.4 Material Uses. Pipe, tube, and fittings conveying rainwater shall be of such materials and design as to perform their intended function to the satisfaction of the authority having jurisdiction. Conductors within a vent or shaft shall be of cast iron, galvanized steel, wrought iron, copper, copper alloy, lead, Scheduled 40 ASB DWV, Scheduled 40 PVC DWV, stainless steel 304 or 316L (stainless steel 304 pipe and fittings shall not be installed underground and shall be kept not less than six (6) inches (152 mm) aboveground), or other approved materials, and changes in direction shall conform to the requirements of Section 706.0. ABS and PVC DWV piping installations shall be installed in accordance with IS 5 and IS 9. Except for individual single-family dwelling units, materials exposed within ducts or plenums shall have a maximum flame-spread index of 25 and a maximum smoke-developed index of 50, when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 and UL 723.
1101.13 Cleanouts. Cleanouts for building storm drains shall comply with the requirements of this section.
1101.13.1Locations. Rain leaders and conductors connected to a building storm sewer shall have a cleanout installed at the base of the outside leader or outside conductor before it connects to the horizontal drain. Cleanouts shall be placed inside the building near the connection between the building drain and the building sewer or installed outside the building at the lower end of the building drain and extended to grade.
1101.13.2Cleaning. Each cleanout shall be installed so that it opens to allow cleaning in the direction of flow of the soil or waste or at right angles thereto, and except in the case of wye branch and end-of-line cleanouts, shall be installed vertically above the flow line of the pipe.
1101.13.3 Access. Cleanouts installed under concrete or asphalt paving shall be made accessible by yard boxes, or extending flush with paving with approved materials and be adequately protected.
1101.13.4 Manholes. Approved manholes may be installed in lieu of cleanouts when first approved by the authority having jurisdiction. The maximum distance between manholes shall not exceed three hundred (300) feet (91.4 m).
The inlet and outlet connections shall be made by the use of a flexible compression joint no closer than twelve (12) inches (305 mm) to, and not farther than three (3) feet (914 mm) from the manhole. No flexible compression joints shall be embedded in the manhole base.
1105.0 Controlled-Flow Roof Drainage. This section is not adopted.
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