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WAC 51-50-21070

Section 2107Allowable stress design.

2107.1 General. The design of masonry structures using allowable stress design shall comply with Sections 2106 and the requirements of Chapters 1 through 8 of TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5 except as modified by Sections 2107.2 through 2107.4.
2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, lap splices. In lieu of Section, it shall be permitted to design lap splices in accordance with Section 2107.2.1.
2107.2.1 Lap splices. The minimum length of lap splices for reinforcing bars in tension or compression, ld, shall be ld = 0.002dbfs(Equation 21-1)
For SI:
0.29db fs
but not less than 12 inches (305 mm). In no case shall the length of the lapped splice be less than 40 bar diameters.
Diameter of reinforcement, inches (mm).
Computed stress in reinforcement due to design loads, psi (MPa).
In regions of moment where the design tensile stresses in the reinforcement are greater than 80 percent of the allowable steel tension stress, Fs, the lap length of splices shall be increased not less than 50 percent of the minimum required length, but need not be greater than 72db. Other equivalent means of stress transfer to accomplish the same 50 percent increase shall be permitted. Where epoxy coated bars are used, lap length shall be increased by 50 percent.
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