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PDFWAC 51-11R-40211

Table R402.1.1Insulation and fenestration requirements by component.

TABLE R402.1.1
Climate Zone
Wood Frame Wallg, h
Below-Gradec, h Wall
Slabd, f
R-Value & Depth
5 and Marine 4
21 int
10, 2 ft
For SI:
1 foot = 304.8 mm, ci = continuous insulation, int = intermediate framing.
aR-values are minimums. U-factors and SHGC are maximums. When insulation is installed in a cavity which is less than the label or design thickness of the insulation, the compressed R-value of the insulation from Appendix Table A101.4 shall not be less than the R-value specified in the table.
b The fenestration U-factor column excludes skylights.
c "10/15/21+5TB" means R-10 continuous insulation on the exterior of the wall, or R-15 on the continuous insulation on the interior of the wall, or R-21 cavity insulation plus a thermal break between the slab and the basement wall at the interior of the basement wall. "10/15/21+5TB" shall be permitted to be met with R-13 cavity insulation on the interior of the basement wall plus R-5 continuous insulation on the interior or exterior of the wall. "TB" means R-5 thermal break between floor slab and basement wall.
d R-10 continuous insulation is required under heated slab on grade floors. See Section R402.2.9.1.
e For single rafter- or joist-vaulted ceilings, the insulation may be reduced to R38 if the full insulation depth extends over the top plate of the exterior wall.
f R-7.5 continuous insulation installed over an existing slab is deemed to be equivalent to the required perimeter slab insulation when applied to existing slabs complying with Section R503.1.1. If foam plastic is used, it shall meet the requirements for thermal barriers protecting foam plastics.
g For log structures developed in compliance with Standard ICC 400, log walls shall meet the requirements for climate zone 5 of ICC 400.
h Int. (intermediate framing) denotes framing and insulation as described in Section A103.2.2 including standard framing 16 inches on center, 78 percent of the wall cavity insulated and headers insulated with a minimum of R-10 insulation.
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