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PDFWAC 51-11C-40608

Section C406.8Service water heating option.

C406.8Reduced energy use in service water heating. Buildings with service hot water heating equipment shall comply with Sections C406.8.1 and C406.8.2.
C406.8.1 Building or area type. Not less than 90 percent of the conditioned floor area of the whole building, building addition or tenant space shall be of the following types:
1. Group R-1: Boarding houses, hotels, or motels.
2. Group I-2: Hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and nursing homes.
3. Group A-2: Restaurants and banquet halls or buildings containing food preparation areas.
4. Group F: Laundries.
5. Group R-2.
6. Group A-3: Health clubs and spas.
7. Buildings with a service hot water load of 10 percent or more of total building energy loads, as shown with an energy analysis as described in Section C407 or as shown through alternate service hot water load calculations showing a minimum service water energy use of 15 k/Btu per square foot per year, as approved by the building official.
C406.8.2 Load fraction. Not less than 60 percent of the annual service hot water heating energy use, or not less than 100 percent of the annual service hot water heating energy use with water-cooled systems subject to the requirements of Section C403.9.5 or qualifying for one of its exceptions, shall be provided by one or more of the following:
1. Service hot water system delivering heating requirements using heat pump technology with a minimum COP of 3.0. For air-source equipment, the COP rating will be reported at the design leaving heat pump water temperature with an entering air temperature of 60°F (15.6°C) or lower. For water-source equipment, the COP rating will be reported at the design leaving load water temperature with an entering water temperature of 74°F (23.3°C) or lower.
2. Waste heat recovery from service hot water, heat recovery chillers, building equipment, process equipment, or other approved system. Qualifying heat recovery must be above and beyond heat recovery required by other sections of this code.
3. On-site renewable energy water-heating systems.
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