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PDFWAC 51-11C-40602

Section C406.2HVAC option.

C406.2 More efficient HVAC equipment and fan performance. No less than 90 percent of the total HVAC capacity serving the total conditioned floor area of the entire building, building addition or tenant space in accordance with Section C406.1.1 shall comply with Sections C406.2.1 through C406.2.3. For systems required to comply with Section C403.1.1, HVAC total system performance ratio, exceed the minimum requirement by 10 percent.
In low energy spaces complying with Section C402.1.1 and semi-heated spaces complying with Section C402.1.1.2, no less than 90 percent of the installed heating capacity is provided by electric infrared or gas-fired radiant heating equipment for localized heating applications. Stand-alone supply, return and exhaust fans shall comply with Section C406.2.3.
C406.2.1 HVAC system selection. Equipment installed shall be types that are listed in Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12) or a combination thereof. Electric resistance heating does not meet this requirement.
Allowed equipment not listed in Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12):
1. Air-to-water heat pumps.
2. Heat recovery chillers.
C406.2.2 Minimum equipment efficiency. Equipment shall exceed the minimum efficiency requirements listed in Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12) by 15 percent, in addition to the requirements of Section C403. Where multiple performance requirements are provided, the equipment shall exceed all requirements by 15 percent.
1. Equipment that is larger than the maximum capacity range indicated in Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12) shall utilize the values listed for the largest capacity equipment for the associated equipment type shown in the table.
2. Equipment that complies with the exception to Section C406.2.1 is not required to comply with the minimum equipment efficiency requirement.
3. Compliance may be demonstrated by calculating a total weighted average percentage for all heating and cooling equipment combined. All equipment shall have efficiency that is no less than 5 percent better than the minimum required efficiency in Table C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12), and the resulting weighted average percentage for all equipment performance requirements shall exceed 15 percent. Calculation shall include heating and cooling capacities for all equipment, percentage better or worse than minimum required efficiency per Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(12) for each performance requirement (SEER, EER/IEER, COP, HSPF, Et, Ec, and AFUE), and the total weighted average efficiency percentage.
4. Hot water boilers with input capacity greater than 2,500,000 Btu/h shall be considered to comply with this section with a minimum thermal efficiency of 95 percent Et in accordance with the test procedure in 10 C.F.R. Part 431.
C406.2.3 Minimum fan efficiency. Stand-alone supply, return and exhaust fans designed for operating with motors over 750 watts (1 hp) shall have a fan efficiency grade of not less than FEG 71 as defined in AMCA 205. The total efficiency of the fan at the design point of operation shall be within 10 percentage points of either the maximum total efficiency of the fan or the static efficiency of the fan.
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