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PDFWAC 51-11C-405025

Section C405.2.5Additional lighting controls.

C405.2.5 Additional lighting controls. Specific application lighting shall be provided with controls, in addition to controls required by other sections, for the following:
1. The following lighting shall be controlled by an occupant sensor complying with Section C405.2.1.1 or a time switch control complying with Section C405.2.2.1. In addition, a manual control shall be provided to control such lighting separately from the general lighting in the space:
1.1. Display and accent.
1.2. Lighting in display cases.
1.3. Supplemental task lighting, including permanently installed under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting.
1.4. Lighting equipment that is for sale or demonstration in lighting education.
2. Sleeping units shall have control device(s) or systems configured to automatically switch off all permanently installed luminaires and switched receptacles within 20 minutes after all occupants have left the unit.
1. Lighting and switched receptacles controlled by card key controls.
2. Spaces where patient care is directly provided.
3. Permanently installed luminaires within dwelling units shall be provided with controls complying with either Section C405.2.1.1 or C405.2.3.1.
4. Lighting for nonvisual applications, such as plant growth and food warming, shall be controlled by a dedicated control that is independent of the controls for other lighting within the room or space. Each control zone shall be no greater than the area served by a single luminaire or 4,000 square feet, whichever is larger.
5. Luminaires serving the exit access and providing means of egress illumination required by Section 1008.2 of the International Building Code, including luminaires that function as both normal and emergency means of egress illumination shall be controlled by a combination of listed emergency relay and occupancy sensors, or signal from another building control system, that automatically shuts off the lighting when the areas served by that illumination are unoccupied.
Means of egress illumination serving the exit access that does not exceed 0.02 watts per square foot of building area is exempt from this requirement.
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