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PDFWAC 51-11C-40406

Section C404.6Pipe insulation.

C404.6 Insulation of piping. Piping from a water heater to the termination of the heated water fixture supply pipe shall be insulated in accordance with Table C403.10.3. On both the inlet and outlet piping of a storage water heater or heated water storage tank, the piping to a heat trap or the first 8 feet (2438 mm) of piping, whichever is less, shall be insulated. Piping that is heat traced shall be insulated in accordance with Table C403.10.3 or the heat trace manufacturer's instructions. Tubular pipe insulation shall be installed in accordance with the insulation manufacturer's instructions. Pipe insulation shall be continuous, including through hangers and supports, such that thermal bridging is prevented, except where the piping passes through a framing member. The minimum insulation thickness requirements of this section shall not supersede any greater insulation thickness requirements necessary for the protection of piping from freezing temperatures or the protection of personnel against external surface temperatures on the insulation.
Tubular pipe insulation shall not be required on the following:
1. The tubing from the connection at the termination of the fixture supply piping to a plumbing fixture or plumbing appliance.
2. Valves, pumps, strainers and threaded unions in piping that is 1 inch (25 mm) or less in nominal diameter.
3. Piping from user-controlled shower and bath mixing valves to the water outlets.
4. Cold-water piping of a demand recirculation water system.
5. Tubing from a hot drinking-water heating unit to the water outlet.
6. Piping at locations where a vertical support of the piping is installed.
7. Piping surrounded by building insulation with a thermal resistance (R-value) of not less than R-3.
8. Hot water piping that is part of the final pipe run to the plumbing fixture and is not part of the heated-water circulation system circulation path is not required to meet the minimum insulation requirements of Section C404.6.
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