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PDFWAC 51-11C-40213

Section C402.1.3Insulation component R-value method.

C402.1.3 Insulation component R-value-based method.Building thermal envelope opaque assemblies shall meet the requirements of Section C402.2 based on the climate zone specified in Chapter 3. For opaque portions of the building thermal envelope intended to comply on an insulation component R-value basis, the R-values for insulation in framing areas, where required, and for continuous insulation, where required, shall not be less than that specified in Table C402.1.3. Commercial buildings or portions of commercial buildings enclosing Group R occupancies shall use the R-values from the "Group R" column of Table C402.1.3. Commercial buildings or portions of commercial buildings enclosing occupancies other than Group R shall use the R-values from the "All other" column of Table C402.1.3. The thermal resistance or R-value of the insulating material installed in, or continuously on, below grade exterior walls of the building envelope required in accordance with Table C402.1.3 shall extend to the lowest floor of the conditioned space enclosed by the below grade wall. Doors having less than 50 percent opaque glass area shall be considered opaque doors. Opaque swinging doors shall comply with the Table C402.1.4 and opaque nonswinging doors shall comply with Table C402.1.3 or C402.1.4.
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