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PDFWAC 51-11C-20212

Section C202.12L.

LABELED. Equipment, materials or products to which have been affixed a label, seal, symbol or other identifying mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory, approvedagency or other organization concerned with product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of the production of the above-labeled items and whose labeling indicates either that the equipment, material or product meets identified standards or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose.
LINER SYSTEM (LS). A system that includes the following:
1. A continuous vapor barrier liner membrane that is installed below the purlins and that is uninterrupted by framing members.
2. An uncompressed, unfaced insulation resting on top of the liner membrane and located between the purlins.
For multilayer installations, the last rated R-value of insulation is for unfaced insulation draped over purlins and then compressed when the metal roof panels are attached.
LISTED. Equipment, materials, products or services included in a list published by an organization acceptable to the code official and concerned with evaluation of products or services that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials or periodic evaluation of services and whose listing states either that the equipment, material, product or service meets identified standards or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose.
LOW-SLOPED ROOF. A roof having a slope less than 2 units vertical in 12 units horizontal.
LOW-VOLTAGE DRY-TYPE DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER. A transformer that is air-cooled, does not use oil as a coolant, has an input voltage less than or equal to 600 volts and is rated for operation at a frequency of 60 hertz.
LOW-VOLTAGE LIGHTING. A lighting system consisting of an isolating power supply, the low voltage luminaires, and associated equipment that are all identified for the use.
LUMINAIRE. A complete lighting unit consisting of a lamp or lamps together with the housing designed to distribute the light, position and protect the lamps, and connect the lamps to the power supply.
LUMINAIRE-LEVEL LIGHTING CONTROL. A lighting system consisting of one or more luminaires where each luminaire has embedded lighting control logic, occupancy and ambient light sensors, and local override switching capability, where required. Each luminaire shall also have wireless networking capabilities to detect and share information with other luminaires to adjust to occupancy and/or daylight in the space.
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