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PDFWAC 51-11C-20204

Section C202.4D.

DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM. An electronic system managed by the building owner to collect, tabulate and display metering information.
DAYLIGHT RESPONSIVE CONTROL. A device or system that provides automatic control of electric light levels based on the amount of daylight in a space.
DAYLIGHT ZONE. The portion of the building interior floor area that is illuminated by natural daylight through sidelight and toplight fenestration.
DEMAND CONTROL VENTILATION (DCV). A ventilation system capability that provides for the automatic reduction of outdoor air intake below design rates when the actual occupancy of spaces served by the system is less than design occupancy.
DEMAND RECIRCULATION WATER SYSTEM. A water distribution system where pumps prime the service hot water piping with heated water upon demand for hot water.
DOOR, NONSWINGING. Roll-up, tilt-up, metal coiling and sliding doors, access hatches, and all other doors that are not swinging doors.
DOOR, SWINGING. Doors that are hinged on one side and revolving doors.
DUCT. A tube or conduit utilized for conveying air. The air passages of self-contained systems are not to be construed as air ducts.
DUCT SYSTEM. A continuous passageway for the transmission of air that, in addition to ducts, includes duct fittings, dampers, plenums, fans and accessory air-handling equipment and appliances.
DWELLING UNIT. A single unit providing complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.
DYNAMIC GLAZING. Any fenestration product that has the fully reversible ability to change its performance properties, including U-factor, SHGC, or VT.
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