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PDFWAC 504-26-110

Composition of conduct board.

A conduct board must consist of at least three members. A quorum of three is needed to hear a matter. The presiding officer is not a member of the conduct board and therefore is not considered for purposes of determining whether there is a quorum. A minimum of one conduct board member hearing a matter must be a student. The remaining members may be students, or full-time or part-time faculty or staff of any rank or classification. When the complainant or respondent is enrolled at a particular campus, at least one member of the conduct board must be from that campus. No conduct board member may serve on a case if the member previously served on a board in a case involving the same complainant or respondent.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 22-23-142, § 504-26-110, filed 11/21/22, effective 1/1/23; WSR 20-07-075, § 504-26-110, filed 3/16/20, effective 4/16/20; WSR 18-23-083, § 504-26-110, filed 11/19/18, effective 12/20/18.]
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