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PDFWAC 504-26-020

Advisors and representatives.

(1) Advisors. Any party may have an advisor of their choice present during all stages of a conduct process. Upon a party's request, a list of trained advisors from outside the office of the dean of students (and those offices reporting to the dean of students) who can provide support at no cost to the student is provided. Advisors may assist any party engaged in the conduct process and attend meetings and hearings. Advisors may not be witnesses to the alleged behavior.
(2) Communication with the center for community standards. Advisors and representatives may communicate directly with the center for community standards to receive information on dates and times of meetings, status of conduct processes, and outcomes. As a condition of participation in the conduct process, the center for community standards may require advisors and representatives to sign a statement agreeing to comply with legal requirements and university rules including, but not limited to, requirements related to confidentiality of student information.
(3) Advisors in conduct meetings and conduct officer hearings. During any conduct meeting or conduct officer hearing, breaks may be taken, within reason, to allow a party to consult with their advisor. However, advisors are not permitted to speak on behalf of parties.
(4) Advisors in conduct board hearings. As with all other conduct meetings and conduct officer hearings, advisors are not permitted to speak on behalf of parties, except that in conduct board hearings, advisors are permitted to ask relevant cross-examination questions as instructed by a party.
(5) Representatives. A party may choose to be represented during a full adjudication, at their own expense. Only persons currently admitted to practice law, including licensed legal interns, are permitted to act as representatives. In conduct board hearings, questions regarding logistical and administrative issues are to be directed to the presiding officer, who may impose reasonable conditions upon participation of advisors and representatives.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 21-07-057, § 504-26-020, filed 3/15/21, effective 4/15/21; WSR 18-23-083, § 504-26-020, filed 11/19/18, effective 12/20/18.]
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