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PDFWAC 504-15-865


(1) Pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, an officer must cause a vehicle to be wheel locked, or towed, or both, if:
(a) The vehicle is on the wheel lock-eligible list; or
(b) The vehicle displays a lost, stolen, or counterfeit parking permit.
(2) Any vehicle may be towed away at owner's/operator's expense if the vehicle:
(a) Has been immobilized by wheel lock for more than twenty-four hours; or
(b) Is illegally parked in a marked tow-away zone; or
(c) Is a hazard or obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic (including, but not limited to, vehicles parked at curbs or rails painted yellow or red or in crosswalks); or
(d) Cannot be immobilized with a wheel lock device; or
(e) Is illegally parked in a disability space; or
(f) Is parked in an area designated to be used for emergencies, maintenance, events, or construction; or
(g) Is otherwise illegally parked based on the executive authority of the parking department or the university police department.
(3) The driver and/or owner of a towed vehicle must pay towing and storage expenses.
(4) Any vehicle immobilized by use of the wheel lock device in excess of twenty-four hours is assessed a storage fee for each calendar day or portion thereof, beyond the first twenty-four hours.
(5) The university assumes no responsibility in the event of damages resulting from towing, use of wheel lock devices, storage, or attempts to move a vehicle with a wheel lock device installed.
(6) No vehicle impounded by towing or wheel lock devices is released until the following fines are paid in cash or with an approved payment card:
(a) All unpaid parking ticket fines and late fees against said vehicle and any other vehicle registered to the owner;
(b) A wheel lock fee; and
(c) All towing and storage fees.
(7) An individual wishing to challenge the validity of any fines or fees imposed under this chapter may appeal such fines or fees as provided in WAC 504-15-860. However, in order to secure release of the vehicle, such individual must pay the amount of such fines or fees as a bond which is refunded to the extent the appeal is successful.
(8) An accumulation of six unpaid violations during any twelve-month period, exclusive of overtime at parking meter violations, and overtime in time zone violations, subjects the violator to revocation or denial of parking privileges. Vehicles without permits which accumulate the above number of violations may be prohibited from parking on university property.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 19-11-063, § 504-15-865, filed 5/15/19, effective 6/15/19; WSR 15-11-036, § 504-15-865, filed 5/14/15, effective 6/14/15; WSR 08-08-050, § 504-15-865, filed 3/27/08, effective 7/1/08.]
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