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PDFWAC 504-15-810

Violations, fines, and sanctions.

(1) Violations and fines. Parking violations are processed by the university. Fines must be paid at the parking department or at other authorized locations, by mail, or from the parking department's website. Schedules for parking violations, fines, and sanctions are posted in the public area of the parking department office and on the parking department's website.
(2) Reduction of fines. Internal policies regarding disposition of parking tickets may be established on approval of the vice president or designee whose responsibilities include supervision of the parking department.
(3) Payment of parking fines.
(a) All parking fines and fees are due upon issuance. Thirty days after date of issuance, a late fee is added to all unpaid parking fines. For example, a parking ticket issued on May 1st is assessed a late fee on May 31st.
(b) Parking fines and fees assessed for any violation results in referral to the university controller's office for internal collection. Where internal collection efforts are unsuccessful, the controller or designee may place a hold on student transcripts, registration, or other university services until outstanding fines and fees are paid, and/or transfer the account to an external collection agency. The procedures discussed above are not exclusive, however, and failure by anyone to pay fines and fees may also lead to towing or use of the wheel lock device described in these regulations. Nor are the procedures discussed above a precondition to towing or use of the wheel lock.
(c) Account balances not paid to the university voluntarily may be forwarded to an external collections agency and are subject to additional collection fees of up to fifty percent, attorney's fees, and court costs when necessary.
(4) Failure to pay fines. Failure to pay a fine or comply with other penalties assessed pursuant to these regulations, and exhausting or failing to exercise appeals provided for in these regulations, may result in the inability to renew a vehicle license through the state pursuant to RCW 46.16.216.
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