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PDFWAC 484-20-090

State veterans home rules.

Residents of the state veterans homes are expected to comply with the following facility rules. Facility rules apply to all residents:
(1) Health and safety rules.
(a) Emergency evacuation. Any time a fire or alarm is sounded, all residents must immediately evacuate the building and report to the designated evacuation area. Residents may not enter the evacuated building until designated staff indicate all is clear. Residents must follow the instructions of the nursing staff.
(b) Community living skills. The condition of residents living quarters must meet existing fire, safety and health-sanitation codes. Residents shall accomplish and/or assist with maintaining their living quarters as defined in their comprehensive care plan. Vacated rooms shall be left in a clean condition.
(c) Electrical appliances. Only low wattage household type electrical appliances such as television sets, electric clocks, electric razors, fans of 150 watts or less with acceptable finger guards, small refrigerators rated at not more than 1.5 amps and approved by the facility, radios, audio and/or video equipment, and portable speakers may be used in resident's rooms. Use of any other electrical equipment requires the written approval of the administrator or designated representative.
(d) Repair of rooms. Residents shall not alter or repair their living quarters or other common use areas. This includes but is not limited to walls (e.g., for hanging pictures), other flat surfaces, electrical systems, television/cable hook-ups, phone hook-ups, heating systems, and plumbing. State veterans home staff shall assist residents in personalizing their rooms including, but not limited to, hanging personal pictures and checking electrical appliances as authorized in (c) of this subsection. Requests for alterations and/or repairs shall be made to the state veterans home facilities manager.
(e) Marijuana and illegal drugs are prohibited on the premises of any state veterans home. This applies to all residents, family members, staff, visitors and volunteers in the home.
(f) Alcohol is permitted with a physician or other authorized health care provider's written order. Alcohol must be stored by veterans home staff.
(g) Weapons, firearms and edged weapons. Possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives, dangerous or edged weapons is prohibited on the premises of any state veterans home.
(h) Animals. Unauthorized possession or feeding of animals on state veterans home property is prohibited except when specifically sanctioned by the administrator or designated representative.
(i) Tobacco products and electronic smoking devices. No resident smoking is allowed on state veterans home campuses. Residents may not use tobacco products or electronic smoking devices. Exceptions are made only for residents who were authorized to smoke prior to the no smoking rule taking effect. For these residents, use of tobacco products or electronic smoking devices is allowed only in designated outdoor smoking areas.
(2) General facility rules.
(a) Recommended visiting hours. Recommended visiting hours for guests are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
(b) Program listening. Radios, TVs, and DVDs and portable speakers may be used in resident's rooms. Volume levels of such equipment must be kept at a level that does not disturb others. Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., volume on such equipment must be reduced to match reduced noise levels in the general surroundings so that others will not be disturbed. The use of headphones is strongly encouraged for those who wish to use such equipment after 10:00 p.m.
(c) Leave. Pursuant to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs census reporting requirements, residents leaving the grounds for any purpose must sign out at designated locations. Upon returning, the resident must sign in again. After returning from overnight pass or social leave, the resident must remain on the grounds overnight before permission to go on an additional overnight pass or social leave can be granted, except in the case of emergency. Leaving the grounds without proper authorization, or failure to return from overnight pass or social leave at the prescribed time without obtaining permission for an extension, may result in the resident being discharged in accordance with WAC 484-20-120. Residents being admitted to the facility must remain on the grounds overnight before overnight pass or leave privileges may be exercised unless an exception is granted by the administrator or designated representative.
(d) Respect for property. No person may deface or destroy walls, buildings, trees, shrubbery, fences, grounds, or any other property or possessions belonging to the state of Washington or to any other person. Appropriation of the property of another person, corporate entity or the state of Washington without permission is also prohibited. Residents are required to reimburse the state veterans home for theft and intentional or negligent injury to state property.
(e) Vehicle registration. Vehicles kept on state veterans home property must be registered at least annually with the state veterans home administration. Residents who drive on the state veterans home property must: Possess a valid Washington state driver's license; provide proof of ownership and/or registration; and, show proof of at least minimal insurance as required by Washington state financial responsibility law. The requirement to register applies to vehicles owned by residents, owned by another and registered in the name of the resident, and/or any vehicle regardless of ownership that is regularly in the possession of the resident. Vehicles must have current license tags. All traffic and parking control signs must be obeyed.
(f) Personal conduct between residents and others. Residents are expected to refrain from obscene, sexually or racially demeaning, threatening language, or behavior, or physically assaultive behavior. Such behavior, directed at another person, whether on the grounds or off the grounds during a state veterans home-sponsored activity, will be considered a violation of this rule.
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